Expansion of Ipiaú General Hospital, paving in cobblestone and drainage of roads

The project foresees the expansion of a total of 1,591.20 m2 of the hospital’s built-up area, thus contemplating the construction of 02 new blocks for the main emergency building, in addition to a third building for medical comfort. The project also foresees the construction of a bridge connecting the units, the replacement of the current reservoir and the construction of a new solid waste shelter.


In terms of infrastructure and urbanization, the project also includes the upgrading of streets parallel to the hospital, through cobblestone paving, surface drainage; in addition to the inclusion of accessibility ramps, signposts and visual communication.


The entire project is expected to be executed and delivered in up to nine months, being another partnership with the government and meeting the healthcare demand and the needs program established by the State Health Department (Sesab).


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