During its history, in parallel with commercial and industrial construction, Andrade Mendonça, nowadays SIAN Engenharia, has developed real estate activities and opened up urban spaces, creating new concepts of housing. It has already won eight Ademi awards and generated a PSV (total sales value) of around R$ 1.7 billion, becoming the largest company in complex building construction in Bahia and one of the main ones in the Northeast. SIAN Engenharia built 93 towers simultaneously.

With professional and transparent performance, focusing on the client and on the quality of services, SIAN engenharia preserves the image of solidity, differentiation for engineering and construction, and final delivery quality.

Get to know some of our main projects already delivered with total satisfaction of our clients.


Salvador Shopping Business

The Salvador Shopping Business occupies a built area of 12,918.10 m² and was inaugurated in the city of Salvador in 2011.

Leonor Calmon Residencial

Located in Salvador, the Leonor Calmon Residencial was inaugurated in 2012. The built area is 14,759.17 m².

Le Parc Salvador

One of the references of Avenida Paralela, in Salvador, Le Parc was inaugurated in 2012 and has a built area of 100,000.00 m².

Brisas Residencial

Inaugurated in 2013 in the city of Salvador, Brisas Residencial has a built area of 98,697.70 m².

Adelaide Residential

Facing Baía de Todos os Santos, Adelaide Residencial was inaugurated in 2013, with a 12,915.70 m² area.

Hotel Pestana Lodge

Opened in 2008, in Salvador, the Pestana Lodge Hotel has a built area of 9,685.00 m².

CEO Salvador Shopping

Located in an area of 38,000.00m2, the CEO Salvador Shopping was inaugurated by Andrade Mendonça in 2014.

JCPM Center

JCPM is located in the city of Recife/Pernambuco. With a built area of 37,741.04 m², the work was inaugurated in 2006.


Other residential buildings – Salvador

Antônio Andrade Mansion

Inaugurated in 1994, the Mansão Antônio Andrade was built in a 4,594.40 m² area.

Cleomont Ferrand Mansion

The building was built in an area of 17,949.00m2 and inaugurated in 1987.

Professor Pedro Calmon Mansion

An imposing construction at Rua Sabino Silva, in Salvador, the Pedro Calmon Mansion has an area of 25,992.00m2 and was inaugurated in 1989.


Other residential buildings – Aracaju

Mansão Antônio Andrade

Inaugurated in 1989, Mansão Antônio Andrade has a built area of 8,481.98m2.

Mansão Lasar Segall

Lasar Segall Mansion has a built area of 7,616.00m2 and was inaugurated in 1989.

Mansão Vincent Van Gogh

With an area of 8,439.00m2, the Mansão Vicent Van Gogh was inaugurated in 2003.


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