Stimulated by the accelerated growth of Brazilian e-commerce in recent years, the sector of condominiums and logistics warehouses has grown exponentially in the country. With an intelligent and 100% industrialized construction process, the logistics enterprises have applied several technologies for the rational use of natural resources, such as the use of natural lighting, LED lamps, environmental certifications, and rainwater harvesting. These are sustainable measures that generate savings for customers. Thus, SIAN Engenharia, with its increasing focus on performance engineering, has become one of the biggest players in Bahia, being an ideal partner choice for its clients.

See some works being performed or already completed, for which our company is responsible.


Garibaldi Hiper Bompreço Market Place
Hiper Bompreço, located on a busy avenue in the city of Salvador, was delivered in 1984 with a built area of 26,487.00 m².

Bompreço Distribution Center – Aracaju
Located in the city of Aracaju/Sergipe, one of the Bompreço Distribution Centers was inaugurated in 1987, within a period of 10 months, and has a built area of 18,480.00 m².

Hiper Bompreço Market Place – Expansion
Hiper Bompreço was expanded in 1997, when Andrade Mendonça executed the construction project in Salvador, in an area of 22,400.00 m².

Bompreço Distribution Center
Another Bompreço Distribution Center, this one in Salvador was also built by Andrade Mendonça. It was inaugurated in 1999 and has a 31,000.00 m² built area. The work was delivered in a 9-month time limit.

Hiper Bompreço – Feira de Santana
Another Rede Bompreço hypermarket, work of which was executed by Andrade Mendonça, this time in the city of Feira de Santana/Bahia. The building was inaugurated in 1999 and has a built area of 15,400.00 m².

Bompreço PitubaThe Bompreço opened in the Pituba neighborhood, in Salvador, was delivered in 2000 and has a built area of 11,077.62 m².

Hiper Bompreço – João Pessoa
The expansion of Bompreço chain in the Northeast region counted on the strong performance of Andrade Mendonça. In 2000, it was Hiper Bompreço’s turn to open in João Pessoa/Paraíba, with a built area of 34,012.00 m².

Bompreço Distribution Center – Walmart do Brasil
In 2000, Andrade Mendonça delivered a new Bompreço Distribution Center, this time in the city of Recife/Pernambuco, with a built area of 39,000.00 m². The work was delivered within 8 months.

Hiper Bompreço – Maceió
The Hiper Bompreço in the city of Maceió/Alagoas was delivered in 2006. Its built area is 23,607.86 m2.

Sam’s Club – Maceió
Andrade Mendonça was also responsible for the construction of Sam’s Club in Maceió/Alagoas. The enterprise, built in a 15,814.00 m² area, was inaugurated in 2006.

Expansion of the G Barbosa Distribution Center
Located in Aracajú/Sergipe, the G Barbosa Distribution Center was expanded in 2008, with a total built area of 23,119.00 m². The completion time was 3.5 months.

MJA Logistics Center
The MJA Logistic Center, in Salvador, is under construction and comprises an area of 88,264.20 m².

O Boticário Distribution Center
Completed within a period of 10 months, the O Boticário Distribution Center is located in the city of São Gonçalo dos Campos/Bahia. It was opened in 2014 and has a built area of 27,275.17 m².

Mail and Parcel Processing Center – CCE Correios
The Postal Service’s Letter and Parcel Handling Center is located in Salvador and was inaugurated in 2015. The work was built in an area of 27,786.14 m² within a period of 8 months.

Modial Market Place
Work performed by Andrade Mendonça in the city of Luanda, capital of Angola. Built in a 12,000.00 m² area, the enterprise was inaugurated in 2008.

BRESCO Bahia Distribution Center
The first distribution center of Mercado Livre in the Northeast of Brazil was built in Salvador by SIAN Engenharia. Built in a 60,000.00 m² area o BRESCO Bahia Distribution Center was inaugurated in 2020.


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