The city of Juazeiro do Norte, in Ceará, will have a cable car to further boost religious tourism and local economy in the region, which already receives 2.5 million visitors per year. The project of Ceará Tourism Department (Setur) will connect Romeiros station to Horto station. Also, some urbanistic interventions will be made in the surrounding area, such as the construction of two platforms with parking area, kiosks, restrooms, and other structures.

Juazeiro do Norte cable car will operate with 31 air-conditioned cabins carrying 8 seated passengers each. The structure will allow the transportation of up to one thousand passengers per hour and will cover a distance of almost 2 km, with an elevation of 200 meters. The route in each direction will be completed in 7 min 30sec, offering an attractive and comfortable option for pilgrims to climb the Hill of the Horto. The Juazeiro do Norte cable car delivery is scheduled for second half of 2022.


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