Without a doubt, the partnership with the JCPM Group has established Andrade Mendonça, nowadays SIAN Engenharia, as a reference in the shopping center sector, with the construction of Salvador Shopping and Salvador Norte Shopping, in the capital of Bahia. Innovation and sustainability marked the construction work in Salvador Shopping, which has been awarded prizes at the International Council of Shopping Centers and 10th International Congress of Shopping Centers and Conference of the Americas. The success of the shopping center led JCPM Group to also invest in the construction of Salvador Norte Shopping, opened in 2010.

In 2011, SIAN Engenharia carried out the expansion of Shopping Barra in Salvador, a facility managed by the Euluz Group. The work contemplated a total expansion of more than 33,000m2 of built area. In 2015, SIAN Engenharia performs another successful delivery: the Shopping Boulevard de Camaçari, in the Metropolitan Region of Salvador, with a total built area of around 30,000m2.

See some of these projects.


Shopping Plaza – Expansion

The expansion of Shopping Plaza, located in Recife, was delivered in 2006 and included an area of 44,346.74 m².

Shopping Jardins – Expansion

Shopping Jardins, located in Aracaju/Sergipe, also underwent expansion work, which included an area of 14,000.00m2. The delivery took place in 2006.

Salvador Norte Shopping

Located in the capital of Bahia, Salvador Norte Shopping was inaugurated in 2010 and built on an area of 97,300.00 m².


Shopping Barra – Expansion

Andrade Mendonça also signed the expansion of Shopping Barra in Salvador, delivered in 2011, contemplating an area of 33,847.33 m².

Shopping Boulevard Camaçari

Shopping Boulevard Camaçari opened in 2015 and was built in an area of 30,717.22 m².

Salvador Shopping

Opened in 2007, Salvador Shopping has a built area of 242,000.00 m².

Shopping Salvador – Expansion

Andrade Mendonça was also responsible for the expansion work of Salvador Shopping, delivered in 2009, in an area of 95,300.00 m².


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