Recently, the public works sector has also known the quality and technological efficiency of Andrade mendonça, nowadays SIAN Engenharia, with the construction of the Castelão Arena and the Fortaleza Events Center. One of the 2014 World Cup stadiums, Castelão, was delivered four months ahead of schedule. The same year, the largest event center in South America was ready. To be part of the select group of construction companies that have written their name in history by building the World Cup stadiums is an achievement resulting from the successful experience in works for the private sector, where SIAN Engenharia is always active.

Already in 2019, SIAN engenharia had the honor and satisfaction of being part of the winning consortium in the public tender for the construction of Salvador Convention Center. The Municipal Government of Bahia capital invested R$ 130 million in the construction, building one of the most modern convention centers in the country.

Fortaleza Convention Center

Located in the capital city of Ceará, the Fortaleza Convention Center was inaugurated in 2012. The project has a built area of 76,000.00m2.

Arena Castelão

Built to host World Cup 2014 games, Arena Castelão in Fortaleza was delivered in 2013, four months ahead of schedule. It occupies an area of 215,702.06 m².

Salvador Convention Center

The modern Salvador Convention Center was delivered in 2019 and occupies an area of 38,000.00m2.

Cultural Center of Cariri

Located in Crato – Ceará, the Cultural Center of Cariri will be constructed by SIAN Engenharia. The project has a built area of 7.605,00 m².


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